Aisa (vearth) wrote,

First Post

I'm not supposed to be on the internet a lot 'cause my parent's say it's supposed to corrupt innocent minds like mine, so now I've gotta be on the internet more just 'cause I can.

This is something everyone on the internet has so I guess it's my first step in mind corruption. Or something.
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oh awesome aisa you got a journal, these things are pretty sweet. we can talk a whole lot more now than we could just over the phone, thats exciting. screw jack and marlene they dont know anything, what they think is mind corruption is really just intelligence.

im gonna get you over here soon somehow ok? dont worry.
Hee, this is great!

Laki, I found enough coins that I'm gonna try to call you again soon ok?
good, you know i worry when you dont call. be sure to update a lot so i know youre okay. were gonna get you soon, im trying to make a plan. when you get here youll be living with wiper. i know that kind of sucks but its the best we can do.
I read in your interests that you also like birds.
I don't think I know you.
But yeah I pretty much like all animals.
aisa dont talk to this bastard no matter what you do. and do that thingy where he cant see your journal entries.
uh, ok?